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"risk" Music Video released!
From the 1st full album "naked"
"risk" Music Video released!
Taken with a video camera 15 years ago!

Please have a look!
"It's a show time" Music Video released!
From the 1st full album "naked" released today
"It's a show time" Music Video released!
Please have a look!
"naked" release anniversary panel exhibition will be held!
【Panel Exhibition to be held!!】
In commemoration of the release of naked, from September 21st (Tue),
Panel exhibition will be held at TOWRE RECORDS Umeda NU Chayamachi!
Customers who purchase the target products will be selected by lottery to the exhibition panel.
I'll give you with my member's autograph!

Click here for more information.
Will be published in the latest issue of "Bollocks" VOL.57
Released on Thursday, September 30, 2021 in the latest issue of Bolocks VOL.57
Junky58% will be posted!
Interviews are posted!
Please check it out!
​Pre-order sales of tour goods decided!
In commemoration of the "naked girls adventure tour,"
Tour goods will be sold in advance!!
There are many standard T-shirts and Mao-designed goods!
※Some goods are sold to order only.

for the duration of an order
【Today 22:00~September 5th (Sun) 23:59】!
Tour goods buyers will get a special bonus of a new photo with their autographs!
Delivery is scheduled for late September.

Also, it was sold in the past.
・Three Daughter T-shirt
・Fashionable T-shirt
However, from 22:00 today to 23:59 on September 5th (Sun) at the same time as the tour goods,
We will hold a limited sale of 500yen off the official web shop only!
Buyers will receive the same benefits as above.
Please take this opportunity to buy it!

Click here for the Official WEB SHOP
"naked" release commemorative in-store event will be held!
TIn commemoration of the release of the 1st full album "naked",
9/25 (Sat) 15:00~At Village Vanguard Americamura Store
An in-store event has been decided!!

"Junky58%" is a three-member U.S. punk rock band from Osaka.

The long-awaited 1st full album "naked" release commemorative in-store event will be held!


■Date : Saturday, September 25, 2021 Start at 15:00

■ Place : Village Vanguard Americamura

■ Appearance :Junky58%

■Contents : Mini Live + Special Gift Event (Special Content: Photo Card with autograph of member)

■ Event participation ticket distribution target store : Village Vanguard Americamura

■Products eligible for the event: Released on September 22, 2021 (Wednesday)

Junky58% 「naked」(JNKY-002)Tax included : \2,500

Junky58% naked (CD+long sleeve T-shirt set : Printed Color Blue Size S)" (JNKY-002SLSWHSV) Tax included : \5,830

Junky58% naked (CD+long sleeve T-shirt set : Printed Color Blue Size M)" (JNKY-002SLSWHMV) Tax included : \5,830

Junky58% naked (CD+long sleeve T-shirt set : Printed Color Blue Size L)" (JNKY-002SLSWHLV) Tax included: \5,830

Junky58% naked (CD+long sleeve T-shirt set : Printed Color Blue XL Size) (JNKY-002SLSWHXLV) Tax Included: \5,830

※The four long sleeve sets will be made to order, so they will be sold in advance.Reservations for the long sleeve set

【August 24th noon-September 6th】

<About Events>

At Village Vanguard Americamura, after September 21st (Tue),

We will give [mini live ticket] and [special bonus ticket] on a first-come, first-served basis to customers who purchase the products eligible for the event.

On the day of the event, those who have a [mini live ticket] can watch the mini live in the event space.

[Mini Live Ticket] will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, and the number is limited.

If you have a [special bonus ticket], you can participate in the special bonus event after the mini live.



・Please refrain from lining up late at night or early in the morning.

・Dangerous materials (knife and other items that may damage the human body) are prohibited to be brought into the venue.

During the event, the staff may touch your shoulders and arms to guide you.

・The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for any accidents or thefts that occur inside or outside the event hall.Please take care of your valuables by yourself.

・You cannot keep your belongings at the event hall.

・Please understand and cooperate with the staff's instructions at the venue on the day.

If you don't follow the staff's instructions on the day, you may cancel the event or leave.

・Please note that we will not reissue the special bonus ticket if it is lost, stolen, or damaged.

・The contents may be changed or the event itself may be canceled due to the artist's convenience and weather.

・Please note that we will not issue any refunds when you purchase the items for the event.If it is defective, we will exchange it for a good one.

・In any case, taking up space is prohibited.

・Loud singing and jumping are prohibited in the hall.

Recording, recording and photography at the event site are prohibited.

・The time of the event may vary slightly.

Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the event hall.

・In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, staff may wear masks and rubber gloves.

・Depending on the future situation, the event may be canceled, postponed, or changed in a hurry.Thank you for your understanding.

● Inquiries: Village Vanguard Americamura 06-6258-0070

<Request for thorough infection prevention measures and precautions>

&lt;Checking physical condition and infection countermeasures when entering the event space&gt;


① Temperature measurement

When participants, performers, and operating staff enter the event space, temperature measurements must be carried out.

No admittance if fever above 37.5 degrees Celsius is confirmed.

※The event may be canceled depending on the situation.

※If you cough or sneeze continuously even if it's less than 37.5 degrees Celsius, or if you're obviously sick, you can't enter the store.


②Wearing a mask

Please be sure to wear a mask.Cover your nose to your chin and wear it correctly so that there is no gap.

We strongly refuse to wear or take off a mask after entering.

Also, you are not allowed to eat or drink in the store.


③ Alcohol disinfection of fingers

The store staff will distribute an appropriate amount of alcohol disinfectant.

Please handwash soap in running water beforehand.


④Registration of COCOA, a new coronavirus contact confirmation application

Please install the above application and enable Bluetooth for all participants, performers, and management of the event.

Those who have confirmed ①~④ above can enter the event space.

Please disinfect your fingers with alcohol again when you re-enter.



Ventilation is carried out periodically during the event.

You will be asked to leave the venue once the special event is converted.


anti-spray prevention

Anti-spray sheets will be installed between the stage and the audience.

Calls and cheers during the live performance are prohibited.


social distancing

Please leave at least 1m apart from the participants, line up according to the staff's instructions, and participate in the event.


[Limit Event Content]

Contact activities such as handshake and high five are prohibited.

Please refrain from giving gifts or gifts.


Those who fail to comply with the above requirements and precautions for thorough infection prevention measures may be forced to leave or cancel the event.

There is a possibility that the rules and information of the event may be changed depending on various other situations.

Please follow the instructions and instructions of the store staff.Thank you for your cooperation.


In this event, we will pay attention to the spread of infectious diseases, take into account the health care of customers and employees, and respond flexibly according to the situation.

We will hold an event to prevent the spread of new corona infection.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

"chocolate" Music Video released!
From the 1st full album "naked"
"chocolate" Music Video Released!
a little different from usual
Enjoy Junky58%!
Please take a look!
​A national tour will be held to commemorate the release of the album!
In commemoration of the release of the 1st full album "naked",
"naked girls adventure tour" will be held!
What a tour final!
Junky58%'s first one-man live!
We look forward to your visit.

​【tour details】

10/1(Fri)[Osaka] LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE
10/9(Sat)[Sapporo] SOUND CRUE
10/10(Sun)[Sapporo] TBA
10/19(Tue)[Nagoya] CLUB UPSET
10/20(Wed)[Tokyo] Shimokitazawa Rokudemonaiyoru
11/6(Sat)[Fukuoka] UTERO
11/11(Thu)[Hiroshima] CAVE-BE
11/12(Fri)[Okayama] LIVE HOUSE image
11/24(Wed)[Kyoto] nano
12/4(Sat)[Takamatsu] TOONICE
12/11(Sat)[Osaka] Sakai FANDANGO

Details of each venue will be announced at a later date.
Click here for more information.
Please make a reservation.Junky58% on official Twitter DM or Until!
※Please enter the schedule, name, and number of tickets.

Also, there will be new information about the tour tomorrow at 21:00 on August 24th.
Don't miss it!
​Junky58% 1st full album "naked" will be released!
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Junky58% will release their first full album "naked"!
First-come-first-served purchase benefits and bundle sets by CD shop are also available!
For more information on the album, visit the special website!
Click here for a special site for naked

[Details of recorded contents]
2021.09.22 Release
Junky58% 1st full album "naked"
JNKY-002/ price:2500yen (tax in) / 2237yen (tax out)


2.It's a show time

3.pop world



6.Get out

7.Cherry pie





12.super young guys


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